Our Very Own Love Story

March 14, 2024
Behind The Seams, The Experience

Love stories are not just a theme in the bridal style and the brides that walk through the doors at Feathers and Florence. They are also the very foundation of our studio itself.  We thought we’d share with you the tale of how it all began – our very own love story.

Imagine a bustling networking event, filled with the energy of ambitious entrepreneurs and dreamers. Add in some extreme coffee consumers (because, let’s be real, who schedules these things so early in the morning?), and you’ve got the scene where fate decided to play its hand and bring us together.

Liam allegedly wasn’t too thrilled with me at first. I inadvertently didn’t take the time to chat with him because I had an exam right after the meeting, so I had to dash! But Liam, being the persistent soul he is, decided to invite me on a date. However, in a twist of fate (or perhaps a hilarious mix-up of signals), I interpreted this invitation as a business meeting rather than a romantic gesture.

During our meeting sparks were flying – not just the kind you’d expect from a promising business partnership, but the undeniable chemistry of two souls meant to be together. It wasn’t long before the couple at the next table, sensing the undeniable connection between us, made the comment “you two make a lovely couple.” With my focus on business, I promptly shut down the notion. “Oh, we’re not a couple, this is a business meeting.”

Liam’s heart sank at my words. Seeing the disappointment in his eyes, I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe this was more than just a business meeting. With a twinkle in his eye, Liam proposed a genuine date, and in a moment of spontaneity, I agreed.

Amidst laughter and shared dreams, Feathers and Florence was born—not just as a business venture but as a testament to the love story unfolding between us. We realised that we haven’t just created a bridal studio; we have crafted a legacy of love and passion.

So, whether you’re a bride-to-be searching for the perfect bridal style or a hopeless romantic lost in the magic of love stories, come and be a part of Feathers and Florence. Because here, in this studio filled with love and passion, every bride finds not just a dress, but a piece of the enchanting love story that started it all.

We thought we'd share with you the tale of how it all began – our very own love story | Feathers & Florence | Bridal Boutique Lancashire


WHY we're the perfect match

We are soulmates

Have you ever been out with friends of friends and found yourself in a group of lively females, who light up at the chance of singing Beyonce on karaoke, and you end up feeling like the quiet, reserved one. We both know that in reality, it's the vibrant atmosphere and crowd that might be overshadowing your personality. Our studio ambiance has been thoughtfully designed so that you can relax and let your main character energy shine, so that you can fully enjoy your experience with your friends and family. 

The Feathers & Florence edit of bridal styles has been curated to alleviate the pressures of finding your perfect aisle style, seamlessly blending modern, editorial elegance with timeless, sophistication of dainty details and luxurious fabrics. 


"They even donate a percentage of each dress to period poverty."

From the moment I booked the appointment, the whole experience was flawless. You have the whole place to yourself and Melissa makes you feel so at ease yet excited about the whole experience. 

They even donate a percentage of each dress to period poverty. Melissa is a special person and I can’t thank her enough.

This outrageously stunning moment of Rebecca in the most magical château was captured by Hazy Daze.

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"We didn't feel rushed or pressured."

Feathers and Florence was the most incredible experience! Prior to my appointment, Liam communicated with me and informed me what to bring, what to expect and he made me feel comfortable and excited. 

We genuinely felt like royalty! Melissa was so kind and accommodating. I chose the most amazing, beautiful dress and I also chose one of the beautiful handmade veils as well which completed my bridal look. We didn't feel rushed or pressured. 

This beautiful moment of Laura on her wedding morning was captured by Bowness Film.

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"Melissa and Liam have created a seamless experience."

I had the most wonderful experience from start to finish. From initial communication to deciding on my dream dress, Melissa and Liam have created a seamless experience. 

Feathers & Florence is a gorgeous environment, and Melissa made us feel fabulous throughout. She's an incredible stylist, a fountain of knowledge and your best friend all rolled into one. The setting and atmosphere created are one of uber comfort and style. 

Maddie Farris never fails to amaze us with her talent to capture all the beautiful details.

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"The communication from Liam before and after the appiontment has been flawless."

Melissa was so welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and made the whole process of buying my wedding dress comfortable and exciting! 

The communication from Liam before and after the appointment has been flawless. I cannot fault Feathers & Florence and would 100% recommend.

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